How to make a floral letter


I made this floral letter for my daughter’s nursery. It adds an elegant touch to a room and is super easy to make!

Things you need:

  • Fake Flowers- I found It’s usually cheaper to buy a bouquet along with a few individual flowers to add a variety of color. From my experience, individual flowers tend to be pricey compared to bouquets.
  • Glue gun and Glue sticks– For gluing the flowers to the wood. I’m sure other types of glue would work great but at least with a glue gun you can usually peel off the glue if you mess up.
  • Wooden letter- I bought mine from hobby lobby. These are great because they already have a drilled keyholes for hanging. Get yours here.
  • Nail/screw

Step 1- Gather your flowers. It’s easy to pull the flowers from the stems by hand. If needed, you may want to cut off the excess plastic on the stem so that the flower lays flat on the wood.

Step 2-  Before gluing the flowers onto the wood, plan out how you want to organize them. I suggest placing the flowers onto wood as if they were glued and then take a picture of it. That way you can use the picture as a guide for when you are ready to start gluing!

Step 3- Glue the flowers on the wood. If there are any spots in between the flowers you can use any extra flower pedals to fill in the spaces.

Step 4- Hang it up!


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