Hosting A Christmas Cookie Exchange


Want to have a variety of Christmas cookies to enjoy during the holidays without having to spend days slaving over the stove? If so, a Christmas cookie exchange is for you!

How it works:

  1. Invite your guests! Everyone who attends the cookie exchange is going to make their favorite holiday cookie. If two people have the same favorite cookie, either have one of them pick out a different cookie to make or have them modify the recipe. This is why it’s important to find out what everyone is baking in advance.
  2. The amount of cookies each person has to bring depends on how manyjennifer-pallian-306898 people are attending the party. For example- if you have 10 people attending the party, each person should bake around 40 cookies (so that each person can have at least 4 of the same type of cookie). I’ve found from past cookie exchanges, 4-6 of each type of cookie is a good number to work with.
  3.  When the guests arrive, have each person write the name of the cookie they brought on an index card. This will serve as a label that can be placed in front of the container containing the cookies they brought.
  4. Make sure everyone brings something to take their cookies home in. I like to buy Holiday tins from craft stores because they keep the cookies fresh and they also make great decor pieces!
  5. Ask everyone to bring copies of their holiday cookie recipe.
  6. Have a contest! I decided to make the cookie exchange more interesting by having the attendees vote on their overall favorite cookie, best decorated cookie, and most unique cookie. Winners received baking themed prizes such as a cookbook, holiday oven mitts, and mixing bowls.
  7. Serve some warm hot chocolate or eggnog to add to the Christmas spirit.


Comment with your favorite cookie recipe below!

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