My Holiday Makeup Essentials


  1. Anastasia Modern Renaissance

    I absolutely love this eye shadow pallet. It has a good combination of matte and sparkle colors.

  2. Nars blush

    To give me some color without the tan.

  3. Lush Eau Roma Water

    Is winter weather making your skin dry? After applying lotion, I spray Eau Roma water onto my face and let it airdry before putting makeup on. This water gives my skin the hydration it needs before I apply foundation.

  4. Tarteist Creamy Matte Lip Paint by Tarte

    Want all day coverage? Then check out this amazing lip paint! I own around 3 different tarteist creamy matte lip paint colors. This color is called TBT and it’s the perfect shade of reddish brown for this holiday season.

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