Stocking Stuffers For Him

One of my favorite things about Christmas is picking out small gifts to fill my husband’s stocking. Men can be pretty difficult to get gifts for. Especially if your husband, boyfriend, friend, or dad is anything like mine, and they won’t tell you want they want (ugh). So here’s a list of stocking stuffer ideas I came up with and have used over the years- husband approved, of course.

Stocking Stuffers For Him
Stocking Stuffers For Him by angelica-lee-agami featuring Sagaform
  1. A subscription to the Dollar Shave ClubI was first introduced to this company when I bought my husband their amazing Shave Butter for his Christmas stocking. If your man wants affordable, good-quality razors that can be shipped to his door as often as he wants- this club is for him! Or for you, if you are like me and steal his razors.
  2. Beef Jerky- Cause who doesn’t like beef jerky? Unless you are vegan, then there’s Vegan Jerky (after a quick Google search, it DOES exist.. I just can’t tell you what it’s made of). Calling all Vegans out there, let me know if it tastes good!
  3. Whiskey Rocks-  These are not only cool (ha, you see what I did there), but they are also very useful! Especially for avid whiskey drinkers. Purchased them for my husband and he has never gone back to ice cubes since.
  4. Phone case- Preferably an indestructible one that doesn’t get ruined when they are out doing manly things like chopping wood.
  5. After shave- Honestly, this is how to get him to stop stealing your lotion.
  6. A gift card- For iTunes, Game Stop, his favorite restaurant.
  7. Mini alcohol bottles- What he will need after purchasing your Christmas gifts. They sell mini alcohol bottles at most liquor stores.
  8. Hot sauce- Try to get a flavor he’s never tried before. I recommend ghost pepper hot if he’s been getting on your nerves this holiday season.
  9. Backscratcher- So you don’t have to do it for him.
  10. Drink koozie of his favorite sports team- Let’s go Giants!


Hope this list helps you pick out stocking stuffers for him this holiday season! 


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